Where do ideas come from?

February 12, 2015 David Suydam

Someone asked me this question recently, and it got me thinking. The short answer: I don't know! Artists draw inspiration from other artists as well as the world around them, and their unique creative vision then shapes these seeds of inspiration. Do inventors and technologists function the same way?

Technology now permeates every aspect of our lives. Our daily experiences are an abundant store of ideas for the next technological innovations. The key to uncovering these opportunities is, frankly, to be obsessed. Every task, every process, every product that you interact with is an opportunity to ask "Why?". Why am I still lining up at a checkout or paying with cash? Why is a cross-Atlantic flight so boring? And why on earth do I need to remember twenty different passwords?

Why are our current interactions designed the way they are? What if things were different? Forget about how things are today and imagine how they could be if we re-engineered the world. Such questions challenge the status quo. They force you to think outside the box, forget about the rules of today and imagine the possibilities of the future. This is the exact point at which the innovation journey begins.

Crazy ideas can be dissected, analyzed, organized and planned. That seed of inspiration must be translated into a bold vision. Everyone around you might think you’re crazy – but you’ll need to nurture and protect your vision in the face of abundant skepticism. It might be a long road ahead, but each little step will move you forward. Surround yourselves with people that think the same way and are open to your ideas, and then let the magic happen!

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David Suydam

With an exemplary reputation in his field, David's vast experience as a technology consultant and solution architect has spanned more than 15 years in some of the most complex business environments throughout Canada and around the world. David's focus on creative solutions is based on a strong belief that traditional software development practices are flawed, and his team routinely demonstrates a better approach with open source, agile methods and cloud computing.

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