What is software joy?

January 4, 2012 David Suydam

You already know. Software joy is the feeling you get when you use great software that just works. When a product, tool, or piece of software actually helps you out and solves problems. It’s when you need to get something done and the tool you choose is easy to use, does the job, and simplifies your workload. It makes what you’re trying to do easier, faster, better.

It can be as simple as a bookmarking solution, or a cloud file storage program, or something as spectacular as Google Maps. It’s software that’s just so well done you might’ve wondered what you did before.

But building great software is more than just writing code that doesn’t crash. It’s more than making a good user interface and experience that doesn’t get in the way and makes everything simple and easy to find. Building great software is about making sure you’re building the right software and solving the real problem. These elements coming together are what make great software.

So that’s what we aim to do for our customers when we build software. We’re trying to create an experience that inspires someone to say, “Wow, that’s pretty great.” That’s software joy.

We can create it. And we’ll show you how.

As Architech’s President, David’s focus on creative solutions is based on a strong belief that traditional software development practices are flawed, and his team routinely demonstrates a better approach with open source, Lean and Agile methods. Connect with David on Twitter or Linkedin.


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