Custom software development at Architech: A year in review

December 20, 2012 David Suydam

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s with an enormous sense of achievement and gratitude that I reflect on Architech’s accomplishments this past year. Some of the highlights of 2012 include:


Growth of an outstanding team

Earlier this year, we were included in the annual PROFIT 200 list, recognized as a Top 10 Best-of-the-Best Professional Services organization, and named the fourth-fastest growing tech company in Canada. As I said at the time, our growth has really been a result of the fact that we have always delivered. We’ve built a reputation with many of our clients over a long period of time, and now they’re coming to us to help them transform their business.


We saw an increase in client demand for our range of services including designing and building custom web, mobile and cloud software, and a range of Agile transformation services aimed at helping our clients get better at building applications. We added 18 people to our stellar team and are honoured to have some of the best Designers, Developers, Analysts, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches around call Architech their professional “home”.

To accommodate this growth, we expanded our space at 70 Bond to include the 5th floor of the building. With renovations now complete, our team is taking full advantage of open spaces for Agile project teams, a second staff lounge, double-size kitchen and eating area with complimentary snacks, beanbag chairs, four additional boardrooms, and even a quiet room for the occasional nap. Exciting times ahead for the Architech team!

Late in the year we redefined “Company Day”, where we gather every other Friday to share best practices and insights, pursue continuous improvement opportunities, and drive understanding of new technologies and approaches. The objectives: learning, community, and fun.


Architech in the community

Our team rallied together to support a variety of community initiatives this year, including:

We have a long tradition of giving back to our community – a community from which we draw our talented team and where we’ve established wonderful client relationships. We look forward to continuing and expanding on this tradition for many years to come.


Agile transformation

This year it became clear – more than ever before – that the software industry is changing. Complexity of software development has grown exponentially, the pace of change has increased, and users expect and demand more. It’s with this awareness that we’ve established a focus on not just creating great custom software, but helping our clients become better at it as well. We know this approach is a rarity in the software consulting industry, as most firms want to keep clients reliant on them. Essentially, our vision is to help our clients transform their delivery capabilities towards software engineering best practices and Lean product development.

We’re now helping some of our clients move from traditional delivery (heavy, waterfall, manual, infrequent releases) to modern approaches (Lean, faster time to market, automated, release on demand). Great delivery is about Agile, test-driven development, continuous design/integration/delivery, automation, cross-functional teams, the right mindset, empowerment, etc. It’s about user experience design. Technical excellence. Low-dependency architecture. Open source where it makes sense. Using teams of experienced engineers that have already worked together. Asking the right questions. Delivering the right solution for the user’s needs, and learning from that experience to make it even better.


Looking ahead to 2013

We’re set to continue substantial growth next year, and to hone our skills with some incredible projects. This already includes a range of projects lined up to design and build web, mobile and cloud applications. We’re known for building great software, and because Agile transformations will be a significant focus for 2013, we’re enthusiastic about helping our clients get better at it as well. That’s truly working in their best interests, and of course, Creating Software Joy.™

On behalf of all of the Architech team, I wish you the very best for the New Year ahead!

As Architech’s President, David’s focus on creative solutions is based on a strong belief that traditional software development practices are flawed, and his team routinely demonstrates a better approach with open source, Lean and Agile methods. Connect with David on Twitter or Linkedin.


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