Demonstrating M2M innovation with “Bukrume”

June 9, 2013 David Suydam


Several weeks ago I issued a challenge to our team. As a new Axeda partner, I wanted to demonstrate our emerging capabilities in the M2M space in time for the Axeda Connexion conference in Boston May 7-9. So, we gathered several volunteers and our team went to work. Our idea?

In office buildings throughout the world, valuable time is wasted finding available meeting rooms. Hundreds of square feet of valuable real estate is set aside for meeting locations, yet employees are often unable to find a convenient room to host their meeting – causing delays and frustration. Frequently, rooms sit idle as a result of unnecessary bookings or recurring meeting invites that have ended months ago.

We created Bukrume specifically to address this need. We chose to build this application using Android on Linux as an open platform, and integrated a touch-screen device with the Axeda platform for M2M capabilities.

Bukrume is a fully managed service that integrates with a company’s existing meeting scheduling system (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc). The easy-to-install touch screen device mounted outside each meeting room allows staff to confirm their presence (with a PIN code, card swip or RFID), and booked rooms are freed for others automatically when participates don’t show up. We included a mapping and location-based service to help people find nearby available rooms and get to where they need to be – even for organizations with multiple buildings. And it connects facilities managers with real-time, analytical reports showing how their building space is being used and how it could be optimized.


Connected devices provide better service

Leveraging the Axeda platform, we also included real-time health monitoring. Problems with connected devices such as projectors, conference phones, tele-presence systems, and interactive whiteboards can be monitored and kept functional. The M2M reporting alerts facilities, who can prioritize the repair before anyone even notices, and arrive to fix it with the correct parts the first time. For problems that require additional time to fix, Bukrume can automatically reschedule meetings to nearby rooms, or give organizers a heads-up and allow them to cancel or reschedule.

No more painful or hard to use booking systems, no more frustrated employees, no more wasted time, and no more meeting delays just because there doesn’t seem to be a free room.

At least, that’s what we’ve demoed with Bukrume – built by a couple of our developers in a little over two weeks.

As Architech’s President, David’s focus on creative solutions is based on a strong belief that traditional software development practices are flawed, and his team routinely demonstrates a better approach with open source, Lean and Agile methods. Connect with David on Twitter or Linkedin.

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