What is an Innovation Accelerator?

August 8, 2014 David Suydam

There’s a new kind of consulting company brewing, I’m convinced of it. Actually, I’ve been seeing this for a couple years now.

One part software studio

Leading software studios these days build lean, stable code. They follow a range of new best practices like Agile development, continuous delivery, and automated testing. But great software developed by a bunch of code junkies often falls short. Too often traditional dev shops miss what is really important: a winning user experience. And they build exactly what you ask for – which only works if you have a crystal ball.

One part design agency

Design agencies know design aesthetics and brand, and can bring the big ideas, research and customer insights. They’re great at providing deliverables like creative briefs, wireframes, and sitemaps. But too much time is spent defining a fixed design that doesn’t translate well into code. This is then thrown over the fence to the development team resulting in tight timelines and a Frankenstein app. And they often stumble when creating complex applications and user interactions.

One part operations

IT support companies know how to ensure your servers are working properly, and the applications running on them are up and stable. But increasingly applications run in the cloud and interact with services and SaaS. Most software developed these days isn’t built once and deployed once. Instead, the real work often starts post- initial launch when users provide valuable feedback and enhancements are needed. Those supporting these apps need to be able to deploy changes continuously and effortlessly.

Design + Development + Support = 1 Studio

Architech is an example of this new type of company, which we call an Innovation Accelerator. We’ve got the creativity and talent of a design agency, but we deliver stellar products, not fancy brochures. We’re a top software development studio applying Lean thinking and software engineering discipline, but we focus on the user and brand experience to create apps people love to use. We support applications for large deployments like an IT support company, yet we practice modern DevOps to ensure changes can be pushed out easily without costing a fortune.

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