April 21, 2017 Jenna Kellner Izraelski

For months, our team has been dreaming, designing, planning, and preparing for a huge branding shift. Finally, today, we’re excited to be able to share our transformation with you.

When we started envisioning the new brand, a few things came to mind. We knew that while our branding may be changing, our core values would remain constant. Our commitment to growing our people, doing the right thing, thinking big, being open and collaborative, never failing a client, and embracing change will never waiver.

Our brand has served us well, but it was time to evolve our look and feel to match the dynamic work we're doing with our clients and partners.

After many brainstorming sessions, late nights, and much discussion with our owners, employees, and other key stakeholders, we have a new suite of colours, fonts, key messaging, and a new logo that really captures who we are as a studio, today. But, aside from these cosmetic shifts, what we recognize is really at the heart of our re-branding, the value statement: Who You Work with Matters. This simple statement really captures it all. It isn’t a shift in how we talk about our business, instead it’s simply restating what we’ve always known to be true; who we hire matters, who our clients chose to work with matters, who we work with as partners, matters.

So, while our colours and font may have changed and our logo may have evolved, at our core, we’re still the same company with the same great values. We’re just looking a little fresher, these days.

In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out our new website. We hope you like the sleek new look we’ve debuted on our digital channels as much as we do! Check it out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Design, Build, Transform.

About the Author

Jenna Kellner Izraelski

As Marketing Manager, Jenna oversees all marketing strategy and execution carried out by the Architech marketing team. She is a results focused, data driven leader who is passionate about creative idea generation and efficient execution.

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