Cortana Intelligence Suite: Transforming Data to Action

March 30, 2017

Join Architech and Microsoft, on Tuesday, April 25, to learn and experience the Cortana Intelligence Suite, hands-on. During this workshop you will learn how to leverage the suite to support your data science practice and transform data into action.

This full day workshop will enable you to evaluate how the Cortana Intelligence Suite can help you deliver advanced analytics, quickly and efficiently, to help you achieve your business objectives. Register Here.

Read on to learn more:

Data Science is much more than just a trend. Studies show that it gives companies a significant competitive advantage by leveraging large volumes of data to yield meaningful business insights.

Using these insights, business leaders are driving digital transformation for their company by better understanding and predicting, their end-users’ needs and pain-points. Data science demands a good practice of data acquisition, preparation, exploration, and visualization – all of which have, historically, been expensive and capital intensive.

What is the Cortana Intelligence Suite?

Cortana Intelligence Suite by Microsoft is a powerful big data and advanced analytics suite that transforms your data into intelligent actions. The suite provides cross-team functionality – enabling collaboration between individual data analysts or an entire data science team. Together, teams can build predictive models, leveraging predictive models to find and act on valuable patterns in organizational data.

Why use Cortana Intelligence?

1) Analytics that inform decision making: Use the latest machine learning algorithms to predict, augment, and improve the decision making process to solve your business’s most complex problems.

2) Intelligence that improves user experience: Build intelligent agents that allow your users to interact with your intelligent solutions in more contextual and natural ways. The suite allows you to build cognitive APIs to add vision, speech, facial recognition, and others tools to your business models to gain valuable insight.

3) Speed and flexibility to get started fast: Build quickly and with flexibility by connecting to your organizational databases and technologies. Connect to cloud and/or on-premise databases at any time, while continuously working with your technology frameworks your organization already knows and uses.

4) Security and scalability for sustainable growth: As your needs grow, so too will your infrastructure. Keep your data safe on a trusted and secure cloud platform while ensuring infrastructure compliance with your industry standards.

To support the widest variety of projects, Cortana Intelligence Suite includes technologies for data management and ETL, big data, R and Python-based machine learning, attractive visualizations, real-time and streaming event processing, and the capacity to catalogue all of it to help you effectively manage advanced analytics projects.

Workshop Details:

Cost: Free 
When: April 25, 2017 
Where: Microsoft Canada Office - 222 Bay Street, Toronto ON, Suite 1201

  • 8:30am – Welcome & Registration
  • 9:00am - 4:30pm – Workshop

This workshop is BYOD - Bring your own device.


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