Architech's IoT Location Analyzer

December 15, 2016

With the number of connected devices around the world forecasted to reach 50 billion in 2020, businesses without the intention to implement IoT will be at a significant loss. The world of IoT is vast, and it's easy to become lost in which data sources to focus on and how to ensure that you have the right strategy for your business. Architech's two week proof of concept (POC) will help you understand how IoT works with your business, and create a custom solution.

Architech's Location Analyzer tracks customers and employees as they move through a physical location, tracking usage, dwell times, wait times, and other key measures. These showroom insights help retailers gain an understanding of the “common path” of traffic within a location and base product placement on these insights.

Compass Group, a multinational food services, property management, and support services company was faced with a challenge to enhance the customer experience in a high-traffic and high-profile retail location while working within the limited layout of Pearson International Airport.

Understanding that the key to transformative change lives in data, Architech implemented Location Analyzer, which allowed Compass to fully evaluate the use of space, in real-time. By tracking activity at peak and non-peak times, Location Analyzer collected and provided Compass with insight into the use of a physical space, enabling Compass to make necessary changes in real-time.

Try it out:

Learn about Architech's Location Analyzer by setting up our Kickstarter POC that will demonstrate the benefit of implementing IoT for your business to help make informed business decisions and influence strategy going forward (contact

During the 2-week POC, we'll install sensors , IoT Hub, and create a dashboard for your organization to begin collecting and tracking user data within your retail location or office. At the end of the engagement, Architech will provide future recommendations on how you can leverage and deploy IoT and Analytics based solutions, powered by Architech solutions and Microsoft Technology to redefine your business.

How it works:

Architech's Location Analyzer collects and processes motion information to provide real-time insights into customer behaviour. We have developed a minimal version based on a small number of motion sensors that we can deploy quickly at a client's location to prove out the utility and feasibility of Architech's Location Analyzer within any setting

Leveraging Microsoft Azure and IoT Hub, Architech’s Location Analyzer connects a series of on-site motion sensors that show use patterns while collecting high volumes of user data for analytics and reporting through a dashboard, Location Analyzer provides a real-time and historical visualization of space utilization to allow organizations to better plan and allocate physical locations, improving both customer and staff experience. This framework can then be used to help guide the customer journey throughout the store to direct customers to merchandise or items of interest.

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