Toronto-based Architech branching out to Kraków, Poland

September 21, 2015 The Architech Team

It’s no secret that we’re growing. Over the past year we’ve ramped up our workforce by 65% (and counting) and we’ve expanded our suite of services to include a state-of-the-art research and innovation lab and a focus on design thinking delivery. To say it’s a thrilling time at Architech would be an understatement.

Naturally, this growth has led to an office bursting at the seams with talented developers, designers and exciting projects. Knowing our team would continue to grow, we realized we needed more physical space – and fast.

After analyzing the Toronto talent and commercial real estate market, we recognized the advantages of an outward expansion. Since we have international aspirations for the coming years, an office outside Canada just made sense. We mobilized a team to conduct intensive research and due diligence including factors such as quality of talent, talent and logistics, growth, business climate, stability, politics, economics, and overall comfort and from there managed to narrow our search down to six of the hottest up and coming cities for tech talent, including cities in North America, South America and Europe. From the six, we honed in on our two most promising locations: Prague (Czech Republic) and Kraków (Poland).

We ventured out to experience the two cities in person. No one was surprised when they got to Prague. The Czech Republic capital is famous for its magnificent architecture, diverse talent pool, gorgeous views, delectable food, fascinating history, and rich culture.

What took everyone by surprise, however, was the powerful and positive impression Kraków made on the group.

“We each fell in love with Kraków. It’s the cultural capital of Poland, itself the poster child for the modern and progressive EU,” says David Suydam, Architech’s CEO & Founder. “It was actually named the European Capital of Culture in 2000, with tons of churches, museums, galleries and old winding streets. Where Prague has everything already shiny and new, Kraków is building now. Prague has a new airport; Kraków’s is being built as we speak. Prague has new roads; Kraków’s are decent and recently announced $4B in transportation system investment.”

All the pieces fit. Kraków hit every mark and then some. That “some” proved to be a near perfect alignment with the skills, ambitions, and work ethic of Poland’s emerging tech super-class. “The younger generation in Kraków wants the same things we do. They want to build rather than maintain code, work with newer technologies on exciting projects, and they seek the ‘Google-type’ culture that is still so rare, exactly the type of culture we’ve embraced ourselves,” David adds.

After six months of major back and forth, Kraków now feels like home. In November, Architech will cut the ribbon at our brand new Kraków office. We couldn’t be more thrilled to open our doors and continue to set new benchmarks for what Architech can achieve.

Stay tuned to our blog for more exciting news about Kraków, including Q&As with our new Poland team members, details on our Kraków office space and amenities, and insider info on what’s heating up in one of the hottest new tech scenes on the map.


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